Triclan is hand-drawn by Jamesiu. There will only be 100 in this collection. It is in the public domain, holders just feel free to use them in anyway they want.

About Triclan

Triclan is unique and 100% hand-drawn. It is inspired by weird imagination derived from ‘triangle’ faces to recall your memory of iconic characters. Coz the utility of Triclan is ‘Weird to Pal’. Choose your favourite character and bring them to life.

How can I buy Triclan NFTs ?

You can buy it on Opensea.

How many Triclan NFT
will be available ?

Triclan is an on-going project, beginning with an initial release of 100 NFTs including a certain numbers of special edition. There will be a total supply of 100 Triclan NFTs.

Is any traits of Triclan ?

No traits. Every Triclan is hand-drawn, unique, and also features a variety of different characteristics. They are all rare ! Collect it ! You will find Triclan is SPECIAL.

How much will it cost for each Triclan ?

The sale for each Triclan will be 0.05 ETH.

Is any roadmap ?

There is no official discord and roadmap. Holders can do whatever they want. Feel free to use Triclan NFTs by your weird imagination, coz you are Triclan !

When is the drop date ?

No exact drop date. Triclan release will be unscheduled and random on Opensea.


Creator & Artist